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Ветер вдоль берега (2004)

Мультфильм Ивана Максимова Ветер вдоль берега.
  Написала Индира Ганди  

мультфильм Wind along the coast Chick Corea Sea journey

Да у нас и в жизни всё так же.

Walkin' in the Wind: People blown over in streets as Storm Ivar hits Norway

13 Dec 2013

People christmas shopping in downtown Aalesund had troubles crossing the street today. The storm «Ivar» was blowing things and people around and police had to assist people in moving around.

One man blew off the sidewalk and into the street in an intersection downtown Aalesund earlier. An ambulance was required and the police is now present in the streets, to follow the development and help out where needed.

The storm is continuing towards Trondelag where 20 000 people now have lost power, and buses and boats are suspended. The police are also urging people to stay away from the downtown area in Trondheim.


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