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The Doors — Feast Of Friends (The Doors Documentary, 1968–1970, 2014)

The Doors — Feast Of Friends: Part 1

Release date: November 2014
Running time: 144 minutes
Directed by: Paul Ferrara
Cinematography: Paul Ferrara
Edited by Frank Lisciandro
Produced by: The Doors, John Albarian, Matt Friedman
Starring: The Doors
Music by: The Doors

Filming using 16mm cameras took place during the band’s 1968 summer tour. Although all of the band's Hollywood Bowl appearance in July 1968 was recorded, few other songs by the Doors were recorded in their entirety. Towards the end of the summer of 1968, the band reviewed the expenditure on the film and halted any further recording. Frank Lisciandro (who had attended film school at UCLA with Morrison and Manzarek) undertook to create a first cut of the film. The band would then decide whether to continue.

However, another event was to have a major impact on the project. At a March 1969 concert in Miami, Morrison was arrested after allegedly exposing himself onstage. The film was then cancelled with only Lisciandro's first cut shown at a show in Vancouver in 1970.

The film was finally released in 2014. Bruce Botnick, the band’s long-time engineer/co-producer and Anna Coker restored the soundtrack.

The British documentary The Doors Are Open was the first rock film to be commissioned by UK TV and captures the band in London at the Roundhouse.

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