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Birds of Australia

[ uploaded image ]
I thought it would be interesting to take some videos and photos of birds that are common in Melbourne, Australia where I lived in a suburb called Croydon. I'll also include my cassowary video which I took up in Queensland since it is a very rare and beautiful bird.

Here are some cockatoos that landed in my backyard one day:

In the suburbs you can often hear Kookaburras outside your window in the morning while it is still dark outside. They are quite loud and certainly do a good job of waking you up in the morning! Here is a photo I took of one at a local park.

And here is what they sound like:

This is a video I took of a Crimson Rosella. These are very common in the eastern part of Melbourne. We see them all the time in our yard.

There are also Eastern Rosellas which are also very common in this part of Melbourne. Here is a close up photo:


Occasionally in Melbourne you can see the black cockatoo. It is fairly rare though. If they come out is usually around dusk when it is difficult to get a good photo of them.


We also have lyre birds. They only come out at dusk in remote forest areas so they are rarely seen, but here is one from youtube:

In the northern part of Australia in Queensland there is a very rare bird called a Cassowary. You have to go deep into the rainforest to see them in the wild. This is a video I took from inside a bus recently way up in the forest near Cape Tribulation.

And here is a closer up photo:
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Awesome! I`d be afraid.
Kindzarp › Cassowaries are rather aggressive and can attack people, the rest of the birds is peaceful.
Kindzarp › It is an amazing bird. The tour guide I was with told us we must stay in the car. The cassowary has a spur on its inner toe that can be up to 12 cm long. If you get too close to them they will attack you. Another interesting thing about them is the female cassowary is actually larger and more brightly coloured than the male. The cassowary in my video was a female eating berries along the roadside quite near a place called Cape Tribulation. It was about a 2 hour drive along the coast from Cairns.

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